Stephen King Orders Steak and Cheese at the Fair

You’ve seen the photo of Stephen King at the Fryeburg Fair. Pretty awesome. I never felt more connected with my favorite author than seeing him order something I get everytime I go to the fair - a steak and cheese loaded.

I can’t say I have ever seen Stephen KIng eat, or know what kind of stuff he likes. I’m glad to see this though. I knew he was a regular Mainer who loves fair food.

The photo shows so much. Look at the sandwich. It's loaded with all the good stuff. King has his money in his hand ready to go - it actually looks like a pretty big stash of cash.

We tried to make out what's on King's hat and jacket, but it's too hard to see. If he's not careful, he'll be wearing that sandwich, and the guy behind him looks excited to watch.

I really don’t know how he makes it around the fairgrounds without being constantly recognized and stopped for selfies and autographs. He doesn’t hide at all. No sunglasses or fake beard. But that's what makes him so approachable.

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My Stephen King Encounter

I had a chance encounter with Stephen King way back in the early 90’s at the Bangor cinema. I went to see the latest Nightmare on Elm Street (can’t remember which one, but the film was OK). 

As the movie ended, I got up to leave a little before everyone else - kind of my thing back then. I walked up the aisle and to the doors, and there he was. He looked right at me. I made eye contact with the one and only, steak and cheese eating, horror fiction writer, Stephen King. He was sitting in the back row. He looked like he had come in after everyone was seated so no one would see him.

I didn’t say anything because we were still in the theater but him seeing me at a horror movie and me seeing him at a horror movie was awesome.

Have You Met Stephen King?

There are all kinds of stories - and pictures - of people meeting Stephen King. He’s a man of the people and gets out in Maine often. It’s always exciting to see where he shows up. The obvious place to look is wherever steak and cheese sandwiches are sold.

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