This C-47 in Presque Isle Sunday led the D-Day invasion, June 6th, 1944. According to the pilots, it was in the air over Normandy at 1 am, ahead of over 800 C-47s.

Under incredible ant-aircraft fire, the plane called “That’s All… Brother” carried the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment over occupied France.

Over 13,000 paratroopers jumped into enemy territory to secure bridges, roadways, and artillery positions - clearing the way for the beach landings later that morning.

“That’s All… Brother” was in other major battles including Market Garden, Repulse & Varsity.

After the war, the plane was almost scrapped. It was saved by two men who retrieved it from a yard in Wisconsin.

Many of the C-47s pulled gliders over France. You can see the glider attachment in the gallery.

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