In June, Bryan Hamilton was found guilty of Gross Sexual Assault, Unlawful Sexual Contact, Visual Sexual Aggression Against a Child and Assault.

Hamilton was sentenced Monday in Aroostook Superior Court to 25 years in prison for Gross Sexual Assault, 10 years for Unlawful Sexual Contact, 5 years for Visual Sexual Aggression Against a Child and 6 months for Assault. The sentences will run concurrently.

Once released from prison, Hamilton will be a lifetime registrant on the Maine Sex Offender Registry, and will be on supervised release for the rest of his life.

On the Presque isle Police Facebook, the department said:

The Presque Isle Police Department would like to thank DHHS, Aroostook County Victim/Witness Advocate and the Aroostook County District Attorney's Office for their dedication and professionalism to see this case through. We'd also like to thank the jury of this case who sat through two days of heart wrenching testimony and once all the evidence had been submitted, took 25 minutes to convict Mr. Hamilton of all the crimes he was charged with. Lastly, to the friends and neighbors who had the courage to "say something" when they "saw something", for without them, this sweet little girl would undoubtedly still be enduring the same abuse at the hands of this man.

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