Sgt. Mark Barnes of the Presque Isle Police Department retired Tuesday after 31 years of service.

PIPD posted a video to their Facebook showing him signing off. You can watch the video below and post a comment. Share the footage with friends on social media.

Sgt. Barnes career before Presque Isle

Sgt. Barnes was a United State Army Military Police Officer when he began his career. After his time in the service, Barnes joined the Old Orchard Beach Police Force in southern Maine. He was attending college at the same time at Southern Maine Community College or SMCC. He continued his studies, and when he graduated, he was valedictorian of his class.

Starting at PIPD and retiring at PIPD

Sgt. Barnes joined the Presque Isle Police Department in 1990 as a patrol officer. PIPD said, “Since his graduation Mark has served the city of Presque Isle honorably, and selflessly. Sgt. Barnes you will be missed by many. Thank you for everything. May retirement treat you well.”

Watch the video below to see the final sign off

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Presque Isle Police on Facebook

You can see more posts from the Presque Isle Police on their Facebook. They update the site on a regular basis with announcements. Some of those articles are news events like arrests or advisories to the community. Some posts are about retirement or acknowledgement of service to the force. Many times on the PIPD Facebook, you see shared information from other agencies about investigations or updates on staff or local events. 

Movies in the Park

The Presque Isle Police sponsor many things in Aroostook County including Movies in the Park. Many know these nighttime events are held at Riverside Park in Presque Isle, showing blockbuster movies for families. Like many things this past year, this series was interrupted by the pandemic, but should be making a comeback soon - hopefully the summer of 2021.

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