Widespread reports of a large fiery object streaking across the sky early Tuesday left many people in New Brunswick and neighboring provinces puzzled.

Meteor streaks across the sky
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Early risers across the Canadian Maritimes reported seeing a mysterious bright light that lit up the darkness shortly after 5:00 a.m. Atlantic time. Evidence of the event was captured on a webcam outside Truro, Nova Scotia (see below).

Some who witnessed the streaking fireball say it was too bright and moved too quickly to have been the International Space Station, which would have passed over the region around that time.

In New Brunswick, callers from Woodstock, Plaster Rock, Saint-Leonard, Fredericton, Saint John, Sussex Moncton, and Bathurst reported seeing the bright yellowish light. There were also scattered reports of sightings in Quebec near the Gaspé Peninsula and on Prince Edward Island.

Experts say that based on descriptions, it was likely a large meteor and that somewhere there may be a chunk of rock left from the early morning light show. So far, no one has reported a mysterious hole in their barn roof. Maybe it landed in a snowbank. If that's the case, it might be June before we find out where the meteorite landed.

Here's the webcam footage from Masstown Market, Nova Scotia.


Here's an even brighter display of the meteor just east of Miramichi, N.B.


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