Just a few weeks ago, statistics were released that show Maine has a lot of reported UFO sightings versus other states around the country. Most of those sightings have taken place at night, near airports/bases or deep in the Maine wilderness. But Scarborough? Not exactly a hub of unidentified flying object activity. Which makes a six-second video shared on Reddit by alexman133 all the more intriguing. What is that in sky?

This video was taken in Scarborough Maine. Four UFO’s. from r/Maine

The only thing that is truly certain from the very short video is that there is something bright in the sky. Fellow Redditors were not very kind in the comments section, suggesting that whatever is on this video, it is absolutely not UFOs. The suggestions include reflections from a bad camera or just the moon seemingly being duplicated. Another commenter suggested it also could have been space junk. When you watch and then rewatch the video, those plausible explanations seem far more realistic than a random visit from unexplained aircrafts.

But it's also fair to ask some questions. Did anyone else spot these floating orbs above Scarborough? Perhaps this was just glare or a moon reflection but if someone else has the same visual captured from their camera, does the conversation take a different turn? We're not ready to alert Mulder and Scully quite yet, but if crop circles start showing up in Maine this spring and summer, maybe we shouldn't have dismissed this video so quickly. What do you see?

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