Braden Theater in Presque Isle is selling concessions every Friday & Saturday from 5 pm – 8 pm.

Buckets of popcorn are $5 with walk-in or curbside pickup. You can place an order at (207) 267-1722.

Due to guidelines related to the coronavirus, Braden Theaters have been closed since March 16.

A little history of the Braden theater – it opened in 1950 on Maine Street in Presque Isle. It was named after a local champion harness horse, John R. Braden. The legendary horse won 31 out of 68 races over four years in the 1920’s. He was revered in Maine and New Brunswick. You can see a cornerstone honoring him in the theater lobby.

Related News: Braden Theater in Presque Isle was recently burglarized. Police have Identified the suspect and are asking for help locating him. Read the full article.

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