With "Happy Anywhere," Blake Shelton plays a rolling stone who will only keep rolling if Gwen Stefani is alongside him. The song's lyrics describe a simple sentiment often leaned upon in country music.

Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman and Matt Jenkins wrote the lyrics to "Happy Anywhere," the couple's newest collaboration and Shelton's second straight country radio single to feature his girlfriend of five years. The upbeat love song is similar in messaging to their smash hit "Nobody But You," but the melancholy tone of that chart-topper is flipped on its head here. Both songs express a longing to be with one another, something that's genuine to the point of being palpable.

Stefani doesn't take a verse or a chorus by herself in this new song, instead hanging back to support Shelton. That also separates it from "Nobody But You," but her harmonies and the song's lyrical content will forever have fans drawing comparisons. Check out all the lyrics to "Happy Anywhere" below.

Listen to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's "Happy Anywhere" 

Here Are the Lyrics to Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani's "Happy Anywhere"

I've always been a rolling stone / With a reckless streak / Yeah, the grass never gets too grown / Underneath my feet / City lights, southern stars / No such thing as gone too far.

I'm running wide open / I was born with my feet in motion / But since I met you, I swear / I could be happy anywhere / Any map dot location / You're always my destination / You're the only thing that I'm chained to / I could be happy anywhere / I could be happy anywhere with you.

Yeah, the beauty of the northern lights / In my mind has faded / The blue sky over Telluride / Next to you it’s kinda overrated / The winding road, let it twist / My home's wherever your heart is.

Repeat Chorus

So girl, I hope you know / Wherever you go, I go, I know.

Repeat Chorus

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