Bike Board and Ski on Main Street in Presque Isle now owns the property and is the new landlord of other businesses in the building including Clear Title, Bemis and Rossignol Law Offices, and NuTek Dental. 

Ignite PI released a press release Thursday saying on May 17 Ignite Presque Isle purchased the Northeastland and Phoenix properties. The second part of the transaction was to sell the Phoenix properties to Bike Board and Ski.

Bike Board and Ski have been in business for almost eight years after opening on May 13, 2013. The owner, Andrew Bouchard, said about acquiring the location, “I feel extremely fortunate to be in the position we are in, starting with a small investment and being able to purchase what we view as one of Presque Isles best locations has been a dream come true.  We have an amazing team and look forward to working with Ignite PI to improve the downtown!”

Clint Deschene of Ignite Presque Isle said the deal was made possible with the efforts of Andrew Bouchard and Mike Chase. They were the closing  donors in the fundraising that closed the deal. Deschene added, “It is exciting!  Just a week ago we took over operations of The Northeastland and the excitement that they must be feeling to own their building must be amazing.  The entire deal would not have been possible if not for the efforts and patience of Andrew Bouchard and Mike Chase.  Not only did they acquire the building, but they were our closing donor taking our fundraising campaign over the hump to close the deal.”

The Treasurer and Board Member of Ignite Presque Isle, Julie French, said the growth and prosperity of local businesses is essential to the community’s success, “This is why I became involved with Ignite Presque Isle.  Seeing businesses prosper and grow is essential to the sustained success of our community.  I am so glad for Mike and Andrew to own their building and take their own steps to improving our City.”

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Ignite Presque Isle is also making the Northeastland into a premier co-workspace and business center. The goal is the success of Presque Isle by using fundraising, grants, donations and membership fees to support strong economic development in the city.

More information is available from Clint Deschene, Director of Community Innovation. Call (207) 478-5069, or email for more information.

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