BigRock Mountain plans to open snowshoeing trails and rent snowshoe equipment with a $10,000 grant from Aroostook County Fund, Aroostook Winter Sports Fund, and the Caroline D. Gentile Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

Aaron Damon, BigRock Mountain’s Assistant General Manager, said “We are excited to be able to offer another winter outdoor activity for our community to utilize, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the Maine Community Foundation.”

The snowshoeing trails are expected to be ready to use when the mountain opens for the 2021 - 2022 season. Over the summer, BigRock’s crew will design the trails, do pre-season grooming, and have a trail pickup day involving the community.

You are encouraged to bring your own snowshoeing gear. Plus, BigRock will offer rental equipment of up to approximately 35 pairs of snowshoes - plus poles with many sizes from kids to adults. Money from rentals will go towards maintaining the trails and rentals will help introduce people to snowshoeing who don’t already have the gear.

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Snowshoeing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beauty of BigRock Mountain and surrounding area. There are incredible overlooks and nature is thriving and bountiful along the trails. It’s the ideal way to get the family together on a regular basis and explore. Snowshoeing at BigRock is a way to bring a long Maine Tradition to the expansive Aroostook County. Getting out on snowshoes is the perfect way to socialize and enjoy your company as well as get fit. It’s a fun thing to do at any age level.

For more information and to get any questions answered, you can go to the BigRock Mountain home page.

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