And for the record, yes, I had to Google National Best Friends Day to see if it is for your dog. Or for humans. Because isn't a dog known as man's best friend?

And the answer is... Sorry to the dogs out there, but Best Friend Day is for our human besties.

Like those that know your deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets.

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Those who would never spill a word of those deepest darkest thoughts and secrets, or hopefully they wouldn't.

And those that might be far away, but always in your heart. They know you. Time or distance doesn't matter. You can pick things up right where you left off whenever you're together.

This must be a recent holiday, right?

Actually, no.

Not a Hallmark holiday either.

Actually in 1935, the US Congress came up with the day. Those congressmen were actually civil to each other, and they worked together to do good things, as opposed to today when no matter what the issue, there is a divide and compromise is just a word. And forget about civility.

The reason that the date of June 8th was selected is because of the weather being pleasant virtually everywhere in the country.  (I guess this rain didn’t figure in their selection)

It was picked as a day that friends could get outside together and enjoy the time they could spend going for a walk and a talk.

Last month was Mental Health Month, and no one would probably argue against the fact that having a true best friend is good for our psyche. Someone we can share joy and heartbreak with. And also, the mundane of our day to day lives as well.

So, no matter who your best friend is, and even if it is your dog, enjoy and rejoice in the day.

FYI, National Dog Day is August 26

Bonding with your bestie. What could beat that whether that person is a spouse, a relative, or just a long, or I guess, a short time friend.  As long as you ‘get’ each other. Snap a selfie with your bestie.

How do you know if you get each other?

The 2 Beers and a Puppy test is a good start.

A simple two question test that tells you everything you need to know about how you feel about your friend.

Would you want to have two beers with this person?

Would you trust this person to look after your puppy for the weekend?

Yes. Yes.

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