Load 'er on the truck boys, we're bringing 'er home!

Here's the least expensive house that's currently for sale in Maine, and if you dig that groovy look from the '70s, then you're in luck!  Click your heels and open the door to a time when you were no more than just a twinkle in your daddy's eye.

This 2-bedroom, 1 bath, 804 square foot manufactured house built back in 1970 is currently located at 4 K De Lane in Gorham and is listed on the Coldwell Banker site for only $9,900!  Man, can you dig it?  We know that you can, babies!  Grab the old lady and belongings from the van and let's move in, right?

Oh, but wait. There's a stipulation. It must be moved to another location.

That's right, this crib will have to be loaded onto the flatbed and taken to a neighborhood that will allow it and your long hair. It'll cost you a little more bread than the listed price, but it's better than living in that shaggin' wagon with the carpet on the walls. At least there's a bathroom in this home, not to mention "newer" appliances that were purchased in this century.

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