The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office conducted a “sting” Saturday to ensure local businesses are following Maine’s liquor laws.

Deputies partnered with a 19-year-old to confirm businesses asked the underage buyer for ID before making a purchase of alcoholic beverages.

The Sheriff’s Office said 3 out of 34 Central Aroostook businesses they checked were in violation.

Aroostook County Sheriff Shawn Gillen said:

While our goal is to achieve 100% compliance with the liquor laws, we feel that 31 out of 34 businesses in compliance is a success.

The 3 businesses in violation were issued administrative summonses to contact the State of Maine liquor licensing division.

Gillen added:

These details are funded by grant money which is used to enforce underage drinking violations/ training and education in Aroostook County. Our main goal is to educate the public and work with businesses to achieve the common goal of voluntary compliance.