The Aroostook Partnership for Progress along with Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development put together a summit to discuss the future of business in The County.

An 'Education to Industry' Summit was held at The University of Maine at Presque Isle's Campus Center in an effort to help local business leaders and educators discuss ideas on how to increase job awareness for local students.

A panel comprised of Linda Schott - UMPI President; Robert Dorsey - Pres. of APP; Tim Doak - Superintendent SAD #27; Mark Wilcox - Aroostook County Junior Achievement and Sandy Gauvin from the Aroostook Aspirations Initiative kicked off with topics such as educational goals, job shadowing, leveraging today's technology to increase interest in education, and to remember the importance of investing in our local students who are potential future employees.

Being someone who's dropped out of college four times and depends on the Internet to survive, I figured I'd ask Linda Schott, UMPI President, for advice:

I asked Tim Doak about the importance of technology in schools and what his opinion is on the growing level of dependence on the Internet.

Sandy Gauvin spoke about how the Aroostook Aspirations Initiative scholarship fund can support students as they go through college - I informed her that I'm a former student who's still paying off student loans and I may have asked her if I could borrow a couple of bucks...