Melody Roller Rink Featured at Caribou Winter Carnival

The Caribou Winter Carnival is going on Thursday, March 17 through Sunday, March 20. (See the schedule below). The city features an amazing weekend of fun events. One of the highlights is skating at Melody Roller Rink. We talked to the rink’s owner, David Doody, about what to expect. He said to get ready to limbo.

Limbo Game is a Tradition

“We always do the limbo game. It is something all of the kids enjoy doing. I’ve seen kids jump in the air when they win and I’ve seen them cry when they lose. It’s part of what we do. It’s part of our history, said Doody.. "I’ve had customers come in, put on their skates for 15 minutes for the limbo game, and take their skates off again after it’s done.”

Melody Roller Rink
Melody Roller Rink

Limbo Game Bragging Rights

Doody knows how proud people are when they win the limbo game. “I always give away a prize for the winner. It’s probably just a piece of candy or something from the concession stand. It’s more about bragging rights until the next session rolls around.”

Couple’s Skate and Races

Other features are also happening at the rink. “We have ladies only. Gents only. Couple’s skate. If there are enough that are interested at the end of the session we’ll have races. Some of the kids like to boast that they’re the fastest.”

First 50 People Skate for Free

The Melody Roller Rink and the Caribou Winter Carnival have something special planned for Saturday, March 19 with free skating for the first 50 skaters. “That’s being sponsored by the city of Caribou. I think there’s going to be a mad dash for the door to be one of those first 50 to get in free of charge,” said Doody.

Melody Roller Rink Celebrated Its 59th Year

The Melody Roller Rink had its 58th birthday near the end of last year. They opened on December 4, 1964. Doody said they are proud to be doing what they’re doing. “This past December was our 58th birthday. We’re now into our 59th season. Over the years we’ve seen dozens of businesses come and go in all the surrounding areas. Whatever it is we're doing, we’re doing right.”

Melody Roller Rink
Melody Roller Rink

The Key to Success 

Doody said being all things to the customers is an important way to make a connection and keep people happy and coming back for family entertainment. "Working here, you have to be a mother, a father and a best friend, a psychiatrist and a doctor. You have to be all of those things to all of your customers. Besides having a personality to make customers feel welcomed, comfortable and safe. You have to be able to do all those things on a daily basis.”

New Generations Come to Skate

Part of being a business like Melody Roller Rink is having new customers keep coming to your business. Doody sees it as a generational thing. “We always have newcomers coming in. As the teenagers age out, there’s two or three who come in and take their spot. It’s the next generation.”

Doody sent us this photo of a 4 generation family of skaters enjoying the family fun at Melody Roller Rink.

Melody Roller Rink
Melody Roller Rink
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City of Caribou Winter Carnival Schedule

Get to the rink early to be one of the 50 people who skate for free. Check out all the activities and schedule of events at the Caribou Winter Carnival 2022.

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