In honor of the 2020 Moose Permit Lottery happening virtually this weekend, we thought we would give you some amazing encounters people, and other creatures have had, with our beloved moose.

Good luck if you are in the lottery. Getting one of the moose hunting permits is HARD and you have to be wicked lucky. There will be close to 50,000 hunters in the lottery. Only around 2100 will "win."

Your odds of getting a permit in the lottery if you are a Mainer: about 1 in 93

Your odds if you are a non-resident: about 1 in 1332. 

And here's a kicker- After winning a Maine moose hunting permit, you must wait three years to become eligible to win another one.

So we thought that win or lose, we would give you your moose up close and personal. There are moose encounters on the highway, on the soccer field, peeking through the kitchen window, and even IN the kitchen. There are about 60,000 moose in Maine and about 5,000 in New Hampshire, so at some point, YOU might just come nose to nose with one.


Incredible Encounters With Moose


See the videos for all the moose encounters from the photos above plus many more:




And if you want to watch the moose permit lottery live on Saturday we have the live feed for you. Get comfortable though, because it takes a while to call out everybody's name!


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