You may think that when temperatures start sliding below freezing, people from Maine make it their priority to stay away from the beach.

In truth, that's not the case at all. Many people view winter beach walks as serene, a chance to enjoy the Maine coastline with the absence of the tourism hustle and bustle.

And in that hustle and bustle absence, an artist got to work over the weekend on a massive mandala design that encompassed a portion of Ogunquit Beach Sunday morning.

Shared on Twitter by Sebastian Subby Privitera, the scope of the mandala can be difficult to understand at first. That is, until you notice the people walking in the background of the aerial photo. Between the perfection of the design itself and the added obstacle of executing that design in frigid winter temperatures makes it a true work of art.

This is likely to remind people of late last summer when a series of large scale mandalas appeared on Higgins Beach in August. Those designs were incredible and quite a feat considering the amount of people that visit Scarborough Beach in the summer, even in a depressed 2020.

And if you're still curious exactly what a mandala is, it's a buddhist symbol that people has a purpose. A mandala is to transform a simplistic mind into an enlightened one. In doing so, it will let an individual heal. Considering the temperature of our nation right now, perhaps mandalas are just what the doctor ordered.

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