Police Investigating Fatal Crash

The Maine State Police is investigating a fatal single-vehicle crash early Wednesday morning, May 4, on Route 11 in Masardis.

Route 11 in Masardis

Police said 24-year-old Justin Jalbert from Fort Kent lost control of his 2005 Jeep Wrangler and hit a utility pole on Route 11 around 12:56 a.m. The vehicle was totaled and the pole was broken in two places from the impact. Jalbert was killed in the crash, said officials.

Passenger Taken to the Hospital

A 45-year-old passenger, Chard Bouchard of Saint Francis, was taken to Northern Light AR Gould Hospital in Presque Isle. He suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries.

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Presque Isle Police Department Officer Crash Reconstructionist, Officer Kyle White, is investigating the crash.

News Updates

This news story will be updated when information is made available and released.

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