I'm not a person who always filled with the Halloween "Spirit” that many people are filled with. You know, the people who know what they are going to dress as for next Halloween before we finish the one, we are trying to reach. I will put on any costume if my wife asks me to if there is an appropriate function we are going to attend.  

This is for fun!

For me, I enjoy that the 8-year-old in my house has a streak of innocent mischief. She really enjoys practical jokes, booby traps, and spooking people randomly. When she was decorating our living room for Halloween, we got to talking about some of the creepy looking structures we have where we live. The conversation pointed out to me that Aroostook County can look very spooky this time of year. 

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No need to be scared

I think that there are many places in The County that would make for a fantastic haunted house, woods walk, or tour. Read about the places I think has fantastic potential for a spooky night in Maine! Let me know after some of the places I may have missed. 

These places scare me... 

This is the building that was once the Westfield Elementary School. It was closed in 1999 and I am not sure if it has been used for anything else since that time. 

The building of the former Westfield Elementary School JC/TSM
Westfield Elementary School in October 2021. School was closed in 1999. JC/TSM

 As you can see, it has gone dormant long enough that the growth around and near the building add a creepy factor. I am sure there are a few families of raccoons who have made a nice village in here, but once they are gone, the potential for scariness here is high!  

Westfield Elementary School. Westfield, ME

A long winding road

This next one would be more of woods walk, drive, or tour. I am not super familiar with the terrain in the Valley off of the main roads. The stretch of road is route 1 between Madawaska and Van Buren. I think the reflectors give off an eerie vibe. Yes, or no? 

Route 1 between Madawaska, ME and Van Buren, ME

No, I don't mean the store where you get your Air Jordan's 

Although, you might need them when you run in terror from the next location The Nike Missile Site in Perham would make a great setting for a creepy walk and tour. This not so secretive location has been a popular choice among young party goers in the past, so I think that this place would draw a great crowd.  

This place could be "The Happiest, Creepiest place on Earth"

This next one could be an entire theme park based on Halloween. Endless possibilities for this location. How about the former Loring Air Force Base?! Located in Limestone, Maine. I'll let the scenery do the talking.  

Wouldn't this building on the former Air Force Base in Limestone make a great haunted location? JC/TSM
An older building at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone JC/TSM
Water Tower at Loring in Limestone, Maine JC/TSM

I don't think there are enough words to fully describe what we could do at some of these places on LAFB. This would have an infinite amount hair-raising possibility. 

This row of buildings gave me a million spooky ideas
The look and the feel when you are here on any given day can be spooky. A once bustling little city in northern Maine, is empty
Power Plant at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, ME

It's already scary...

The Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle could make a great haunted house in the future. We hope that the mall can be filled with several local retailers, but if that doesn't happen maybe we can attract some traffic with massive haunted mall. The mall used to have haunted houses during the 90's - early 2000's.

Is there a location you know of that would make for a night of screams? Let me know and if you have pictures, we'd love to see those too!

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