The weekend is finally here and when we all come back to work on Monday it will be a new month. Hello August! Where did summer go? That's life in Maine, am I right?  

Perhaps you have notice that there have been more galleries posted at the end of our stories, and sometimes the gallery is the story. I can tell you that putting the thought and time into these galleries is extensive and at times, tiring. My colleagues across the state have been generating some fantastic content and galleries. I wanted to share some interesting galleries with you, my readers. 

I have put this out here so that you can come and go to look at these galleries as you please throughout the weekend. Hopefully everyone can get a few minutes of down time and relaxation to enjoy these galleries. I won't be making scroll to no end, only to find out you didn’t like one of these that I have chosen.  

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Scrolling below you will find a gallery featuring 5 Maine Oceanside Rentals because it is never too early to book that honeymoon down the road. There is a gallery featuring 8 crazy weather events in Maine. I bet some of you recall those events. I think the older folks will like the gallery that shows Old Orchard Beach from back in the 1960s. If you are a millennial and you came across the OOB gallery, make sure you show your parents and grandparents. The nostalgia might be the cheer up they need. After you have shared some smiles, take a jaunt down memory lane again with the 25 Google Street Views of Bangor. I really enjoyed that last one! Come and go as you please, and have a great weekend!

5 Maine Oceanside Rentals

Planning a getaway on the coast of Maine, but you don't want to stay in a hotel? Check out these unique oceanside rental options from Airbnb. Keep in mind that terms, offerings, and prices may have changed since this article was written.

Do You Remember These 8 Crazy Maine Weather Events?

10 Maine Museums

Do you love learning new things? Why not visit one of Maine's incredible museums? Here are 9 very unique museums that are probably less than a two hour drive from where you are now. Please Note: Some of these museums may still have limited hours or COVID-19 restrictions. So, please call ahead (check their website) and be prepared.

See OOB in the 1960's

25 Bangor Then and Now Photos From Google Street View

Take a look at how Downtown Bangor, the Waterfront, State Street, Stillwater and more areas of Bangor looked years ago compared to today using Google Street View archives.