With the holiday season approaching, people are out trimming boughs for wreath making.

According to Maine Forest Rangers, a total of six people were charged over the weekend in the Downeast communities of Steuben and Whiting, for stealing evergreen tips used to make wreaths and garland.

Maine Forest Rangers
Maine Forest Rangers

Rangers seized over 1,500 pounds total, an amount valued at over $500.

They say one of the individuals facing charges may have a prior conviction of stealing tips.

All of them are being charged with "Theft of Evergreen Bows," which is a criminal offense. They will appear in court in January.

Stealing evergreen boughs is often a big deal for landowners and for legal tippers who have taken the time to get permission from landowners.

Rangers take the confiscated boughs to a local wreath-maker, where they are weighed and valued, then transferred. The wreath-maker gives the Ranger a slip with the weight and value. The Ranger holds the slip until the court case goes through. If convicted, the slip is given to the landowner and they can go cash it in.