You may want to skip skinny dipping in these lakes, ponds, and rivers because you might not be alone...

  • Amanda McDonald

    The Allagash River

    Northern Maine

    This area is more well known for its UFO stories than ghost tales but there are some! There is one experience multiple people have had with no explanation. If you are familiar with the Allagash waterway you probably know how dark it gets at night. With no light pollution for miles it can seem darker than dark. This is why visitors to the area have found it so strange to have encountered a ball of light, like a flashlight in the distance. Reportedly the light seems to be positioned in the middle of the river and low, just above the water. No matter how much you move towards it, it just seems to stay the same distance away.

  • Amanda McDonald

    The Atlantic Ocean

    Coastal Maine

    Through history the sea has claimed so many lives, and most in very tragic ways. The most haunting part of the Atlantic near Maine is the area of Mount Desert Island. The waters all around the area have dark pasts and some scary stories. From these stories comes tales of ghostly wails in the night to ghost ships and even the flickering light from a flame-less fire. The ghost ships are most often seen at Schooner Head and Ship Harbor so look closely at the ships you see though the fog.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Ellis Pond (Roxbury Pond)

    East Andover, Maine

    No one seems to know who she is but a lonely, sobbing woman has been seen multiple times by the lake and the old covered bridge near by. A report from 2013 says the woman appeared in white and seemed to be glowing. Through her sobs the witnesses heard her ask for help finding her brother, Matthew. She then turned and walked into the woods. Other reports have been of body-less footsteps following them down the shore. Could the footsteps be the spirit of Matthew looking for his sobbing sister?

  • Amanda McDonald

    Lake George (West Side)

    Skowhegan, Maine

    Near the camps on the lake some strange things have been reported surrounding an abandoned shack in the woods with really high foggy windows. Supposedly the interior of the shack appears different to different people who peak in the windows. One person who looked in the window saw a table leaning against the wall and the floor cleared. A different person saw the table upright with chairs around it.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Loon Pond

    Action, Maine

    The story here is of a ghost dog that is often seen roaming the shores of the pond. This dog is said to look like a Siberian Husky but only has 3 legs and seems to be surrounded by a paranormal glow. Most reported sightings have come around midnight-1AM.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Massacre Pond

    Scarborough, Maine

    This overall peaceful place has a disturbing name and an even more disturbing history. Buried on the edge of the pond is Richard 'Crazy Eye' Stonewall, a man whose wife and child were killed by Native Americans. To avenge their deaths he joined the military with the goal of killing as many Natives as possible. His bloody ghost has spooked visitors for many years.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Machias River Falls

    Machias, Maine

    The most accurate translation of Machias is 'the little falls in the evil place'. For some reason the area surrounding the falls and the river itself has always been a place of bad luck and negative energy.  During the war of 1812 a British soldier was shot on the bridge that crosses the falls, there were multiple fatalities in the lumber days as men would get crushed between logs or drown. The most recent accident at the falls was a car crash in the 90's. Reports of paranormal activity here have been of screams for help in the night from a woman, a ghostly logger still trying to break up a jam, and even a soldier in red lurking in the dark.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Moosehead Lake

    Greenville, Maine

    This haunting is less around the actual lake but the woman spirit who roams the halls of the Greenville Inn does seem to have some connection to the water. Some have seen her gazing towards the lake, others say she is very friendly and will interact with you.

  • Google

    The Saco River

    Oxford County, Maine

    Those who live in the area are very aware of the Curse of the Saco River. What sounds like a typical ghost story has become too real for some of the locals. The deadly river is said to have been cursed by Native Americans in the 1600's after an incident on the river with 3 white men. The curse of course has many different versions but the most common one says every year 3 white men will die on the river. The scary part is, this curse has come true many times.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Silver Lake

    Bucksport, Maine

    If there was a body of water that would be haunted it would be this one. This lake was man made in the 1930's for the new (at the time) mill. The thing is, in order to make room for the lake the town had to clear all of the land they needed including the land where a local cemetery was. The stones from the old cemetery now rest on a hill across from the lake, but some question whether or not all of the bodies were dug up and moved as well. The ghost most often reported here is assumed to be Sara Ware.