From his diverse musical catalogue to his idea to create a free grocery store for those in need, country superstar Brad Paisley is full of surprises. Most fans already know about his versatile songwriting skills and his wow-worthy chops on the guitar, but there are some facts about Paisley that will surprise even lifelong listeners.

Paisley is well known for his catalogue of funny songs, but the singer's got much more than comedy up his sleeve. He is also the voice behind some of country's saddest songs ever, like his 2003 duet with Alison Krauss, "Whiskey Lullaby." Paisley is no stranger to a romantic love ballad, either: In 2019, he dropped "My Miracle," a sweet ode to his wife.

In 2019, Paisley stepped down from his role as co-host for the CMA Awards -- a gig he'd held with Carrie Underwood since 2008. The pair have delivered some iconic jokes, one-liners and monologues over the years, but Paisley fans don't need to worry that they'll miss out on the singer's signature sense of humor. He'll be hosting his own TV variety special in December, bringing to the screen a dynamic blend of comedy and musical performance.

In the meantime, test your Paisley knowledge by seeing if you know these 10 little-known facts about the superstar. Read on to learn some surprising details about one of country music's best-loved singers!