Another super-rare blue lobster was just caught in Maine!

A user on the Maine subreddit just posted a photo of another very rare lobster catch.

According to scientists at the University of Maine's Lobster Institute (yes... we have a Lobster Institute), the odds of catching a blue lobster are about 1 in over 2 million.

But are blue lobsters the most rare? Nope. According to our lobsterologists, live red lobsters are only 1 in 10 million. Everyone in Maine has seen a bright red lobster, but that's only after we boil 'em! Seeing a live red lobster is quite the catch.

So, now we know: The red lobster on our Maine license plates might be an incredibly rare live red lobster. We always assumed it was a boiled lobster someone put on a rock!

Here's the blue lobster recently caught here in Maine:

Submitted Photo

UPDATE: The same lobsterman who caught the lobster above caught another blue lobster in Maine about a month ago.

Can you imagine... what are the odds of catching two 1 in 2 million lobsters within a month?!

Here's their catch from last month:

Submitted Photo