Zac Brown Band are going back to their roots on their forthcoming release Welcome Home, and fans can get a preview of the music through their new song, "Family Table."

The nostalgic track features Brown singing of making memories around the table alongside light musical accompaniment. "It's the cornerstone that held us all up / Through the best of times and made our way when times got tough / We blew the candles out in our walk through time / This family table's bound together by love that never dies," Brown sings.

A black and white lyric video to the song showcases young children running around a table set for dinner outside later that evening. "No other place can ease your mind like the family table," Brown continues.

"Family Table" is the latest preview of the band's forthcoming album Welcome Home, due out May 12, which also marks the same day their Welcome Home Tour kicks off in their hometown of Atlanta, Ga.

“We’re looking forward to heading back on the road in 2017 and sharing some new songs with our fans,” Brown says in a press release.

In a previous interview with Rolling Stone Country, Brown said that the forthcoming release had the singer-songwriter "get down to the basics."

"We went back to being very minimalistic," the frontman says. "I feel like something happened to me when we were recording Jekyll + Hyde, where we cleaned the white board creatively. We got to experiment. We got to go all over the map, from rock to electronic songs. Now, I'm able to do all my experimental things with Sir Rosevelt, and it's helped me get down to the basics of what ZBB started out as, which was very much a singer-songwriter type of approach. That's really what the rest of this album is."

This summer, ZBB will headline at WE Fest 2017, which takes place Aug. 3-5 at Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

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