Jason Aldean didn't want to be a country singer growing up. Sure, he picked around a little, but his mind was focused on another great American hobby. Find out what he wanted to do and why he fell short, and find out who everyone thought he looked like during this episode of You Think You Know Country?

Aldean is celebrating his 10th year as a radio hitmaker. "Hicktown" was released in 2005, and since then he's been a steady influence on the shape and sound of the format. But he's had help — at least three of Aldean's biggest hits were originally intended for someone else, including "Dirt Road Anthem."

You'll also learn about Aldean's music, his early struggles — including what label dropped him after he told them off — and all about the band he fronted before moving to Nashville. He even cut a CD with these guys. The album cover is the ultimate throwback.

Jason Aldean and More Country Stars as Kids

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