Remember six minutes ago when I wrote that with Tenet finally getting delayed (albeit only slightly, to July 31) “it seems possible that more delays are possible. Maybe a lot more delays.” Remember that?

So, yeah. That was right.

As Warner Bros. continues to adjust its release calendar, they’ve shifted back Wonder Woman 1984, the highly anticipated sequel to Patty Jenkins’ DC superhero movie. Originally slated to premiere on June 5, 2020 (last week!), it was already delayed once because of the coronavirus pandemic to August 14, 2020. But with Tenet now (hopefully) opening just two weeks before that, the studio is spreading out its tentpoles, and has now rescheduled Wonder Woman for October 2.

The news was announced via tweet — although the first version of this tweet (since deleted) included images of all these marquees with the date November 25, 2020 on them. Now everyone appears to be in agreement on October 2.

That doesn’t mean it will stay October 2 forever. Even as the country reopens, coronavirus cases are rising in many areas — and some areas that are seeing declining infections, like New York City, still aren’t open for business yet. Basically, until a big movie actually does begin screening in theaters, I’m going to remain skeptical about every single release date announcement. Wonder Woman could wind up coming out on November 25 after all. Or Tenet could. Or neither one could come out this year at all. Right now, we just don’t know.

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