The Caribou Police Department reminds you to be safe as winter weather approaches, and to follow the guidelines below. There’s also an update on overnight parking.

Parking: No overnight parking on public streets from 11 pm to 6 am as of November 1st.

Overview: You can use studded snow tires now. An emergency kit is important in your vehicle + water, food, warm clothes, first aid & flashlight. Pay attention to road crews and give them space and remember the ‘Move Over Law’. Keep it slow. (See full list below).

Winter Weather Reminders From The Caribou Police Department:

  1. Studded snow tires are now permitted. It is important to equip your vehicle with the proper tires to give your vehicle better traction in winter weather.
  2. Make sure you have some type of emergency kit in your vehicle in case of an accident or if you get stranded. The kit could include extra gloves, hat, extra clothes, water, food, flashlight, and a first aid kit. It is always better to be prepared!
  3. Make sure to check your vehicles inspection and registration. Make sure you have proper paperwork in your vehicle.
  4. Remember with snow and ice covered roads to SLOW down. Also be sure to give plow crews extra room and do not pass them. The roads behind them are clear and the roads in front are not.
  5. Move Over Law. If you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road please slow down and move over. Or if an emergency vehicle is approaching with its emergency lights, if safe to do so please pull over and allow them to pass.
  6. Effective November 1st overnight parking on any public parking spots or city streets from 11:00 pm - 6:00 am is not allowed. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us. Our Officers will be placing flyers on vehicles in town which are parked illegally. This is a friendly reminder regarding the above. Please try to park in the parking spots listed on the flyer. Thank you, CPD

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