What's your style in the dead of winter? Layered, bundled, fashionable, always chilly, just right? We dress in all kinds of ways to face the cold freeezing winters in Maine & New Brunswick.

LAYERS: One word - options. One more word - functional. Zip & strip when you go inside, but don't over do it like Joey from 'Friends':

BIG & BULKY: Warm but cumbersome. Your arms lose mobility and you look like you just walked in from the frozen tundra. There's a bathroom issue too. But you’re so toasty and a big "bundle of love."

FASHIONABLE: Winter is your chance to get those really cool boots, or try on that new Carhart. Even if you're freaking out over the ice in Maine & NB, a fancy hat like in 'Fargo' can make you look good:

STORM SHORTS: You see this a lot in Maine & Canada - the year around shorts-look, sometimes with a jacket, sometimes not.

What's your winter style in Northern Maine & Western New Brunswick? Share your comments below.

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