Congratulations to the Libby family in Fort Fairfield, Maine - the $500 grand prize winner to Light Up Aroostook County & Western New Brunswick. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. All the photos have incredible displays.


We encouraged you to send us pictures of your holiday lights to spread good cheer and optimism, and you sent amazing pictures. Take a look at the gallery below.


Big Country 96.9 wants to thank you for helping us Light Up Aroostook County & Western New Brunswick with the big show of holiday lights.

We look forward to seeing even more lights and uplifting messages of hope, faith, strength and solidarity on store fronts, lawns, rooftops & more. 

Let’s continue to bring some happiness and laughter with the hope of having Aroostook County and Western New Brunswick feeling the holiday spirit.

Thanks to our great sponsor Huber Engineered Woods.

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GALLERY: Light Up Aroostook County & Western New Brunswick

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