Willie Nelson may have taken a tour break after a battle with the flu, but he shows no signs of slowing down creatively. The country legend is set to release a new album, Last Man Standing, on April 27.

The 11-track project will arrive days before Nelson's 85th birthday. The title track is also the album's lead single — in it, the icon laments of how he's the last one standing of his country crew of Waylon Jennings, Ray Price and Merle Haggard.

"I don't want to be the last man standing / On second thought, maybe I do," he sings.

Last Man Standing features 11 new songs penned by Nelson and longtime collaborator/producer Buddy Cannon. The two friends have worked together since 2008, and Cannon has produced more than a dozen of Nelson's albums.

"Willie's a jazz singer and jazz player," Cannon says. "He's an improvisational musician. It's different every time. Get a good take and go with it."

The new album news comes on the heels of Nelson needing to cancel all of his live dates in February following a flu diagnosis. The singer is in fighting shape though, as his son recently shared an image of Nelson showing off some kickboxing moves! "My dad is a badass," Lukas Nelson says with the photo.

Last man standing, indeed.

Willie Nelson's Last Man Standing Track Listing:

1. "Last Man Standing"
2. "Don't Tell Noah"
3. "Bad Breath"
4. "Me and You"
5. "Something You Get Through"
6. "Ready to Roar"
7. "Heaven Is Closed"
8. "I Ain't Got Nothin'"
9. "She Made My Day"
10. "I'll Try to Do Better Next Time"
11. "Very Far To Crawl"

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