How many wildfires happen in Maine?

Wildfire Awareness Week in Maine is April 18-24. A week in which safety is emphasized to help stop the damage to life, our natural resources and property.

Maine had a record year of wildfires in 2020 and in 2021 the state has already seen over 100 wildfires. That’s just under four months. The average number of wildfires in Maine annually is over 550. Officials said over 90% of these fires are caused by people.

How you can help prevent wildfires

The Maine Forest Service Forest Protection Division asks the public to do their part in preventing wildfires. Local and municipal fire departments ask the public for support in our local communities.

Your town halls have information about the rules and regulations of fires in your area. Consult with local fire authorities about the latest updates before burning.

Causes of wildfires

Weather conditions are a huge part of how wildfires get started and burn. Wind is a major factor and having an area to control a burn is another important part of preventing fires from getting out of control.

We hear stories about people using gas-propellants for fires. This is dangerous to you and the environment - and can cause injury and damage.

There is more information at Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry about burning fires in the state. The weather conditions are updated regularly at the link. Also, read the article about one of our Maine Forest Ranger receiving the Silver Smokey Bear Award for work to prevent wildfires and more.

Officials ask everyone to pay attention to the regulations and recognize Wildfire Awareness Week in Maine. 

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Remember what Smokey Bear says

Remember the classic line from Smokey the Bear which is true to this day - “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Be diligent, protect the beauty of nature and be safe in your area when it comes to wildfires and burning.

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