We are so dependent on the internet working. We realize it the most when it goes down - even for a relatively short period of time. If you want to know the details of what happened, read below. The main thing is personally it impacted us all.

You can’t order groceries on your app, no TV if you rely on the online connection, and no scrolling through social media - or posting.

So many of our jobs depend on being connected. We have to send and get emails, post material, use Word in our shared drive and so on.

Monday evening highlighted that reality when the Spectrum had trouble with the internet across the region. For over two hours, we were not connected and we didn’t really know how long it was going to be down. You start thinking - is there something wrong with my account, I paid my bill, right? If you called customer service at some point Monday night, we heard a message saying they could not take any more calls for the time being. That gets you thinking that the problem is widespread and other people are having the same trouble.

Then, it comes back on and all is good.

If you were able accept the outage, you found other things to do than your normal routine - read a book, play guitar, sit and veg and relax, find something productive and fun to do with the family and animals. Turn a night without internet into a night you did other things and enjoy the time.

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Spectrum confirmed the issues in a post on their social media account. It had to reroute things to get us all back online. It seemed like an eternity if you had pressing things to do. Or it was a reprieve from the same TV or scanning through posts. It's kind of technical to get the service back and we don't really know the fix. We just wait and hope someone hits a switch and we're back in business.

The Portland Press Herald had a good summary of what happened. The article said the number of people without internet in Maine and New Hampshire was in the hundreds of thousands. The issue was a fiber break.

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