Who swears the most in New England? In particular, where does Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts rank in the United States on using bad words?

Rugged People in New England

New England is known for its tough climate, rugged people and creative use of the language. Swearing comes with the territory. Expletives can be mean or just part of the daily lexicon. So how much swearing do we do?

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Where Does Maine Rank?

Mainers can swear with the best of them. Sometimes in frustration but other times just to get the point across. But, the Pine Tree State doesn't swear the most, according to a study by thrillist.com

  • Maine ranks #34 out of 50 states for swearing.

Where does New Hampshire Rank?

New Hampshire has a lot of similarities to Maine. There are plenty of people with a salty tongue and others who just swear casually like it's no big deal. People in the Granite State swear less than Mainers.

  • New Hampshire comes in at #45 out of all 50 states.

Where is Massachusetts on the List?

You might have guessed it, Massachusetts swears the most. It’s not even close. They almost broke into the top 20 states that swear the most.

  • Massachusetts is #21 out of 50 States for swearing.

And the Winner Is…

  • Massachusetts swears the most.
  • Maine is second.
  • New Hampshire is third.

More New England States

The rest of New England on the list was Rhode Island at #15, Connecticut at #24 and Vermont at #48.


New England Means it with Love - Most of the Time

That’s a lot of swearing and cussing in New England. But it’s not all bad. Sometimes you just want to express yourself and other times maybe you shouldn't say that.

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