Shania Twain will release her fifth studio album, Now, on Friday (Sept. 29). It's her first project in 15 years, but as the singer tells CBS Sunday Morning's Lee Cowan, she thought she'd never sing again.

Twain almost lost her singing voice completely years ago from dysphonia, which she feels was a side effect Lyme disease.

"I couldn't get any volume and when I did it was this really witch-y, sort of crying sound," she says of developing dysphonia. "It was awful."

During that time, Twain accepted that she would never sing again.

"I went through a phase of letting go and grieving over that loss, that I would never be a singer again," she adds. "It was terrible. It was really, really a terrible thing."

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Thankfully for Twain, this never happened, as years of vocal therapy brought her voice back. While her singing voice is now a little lower than it used to be, Twain is embracing her new sound on Now. She is also gearing up for a tour in 2018 in support of her forthcoming album.

Twain will launch the Shania Now Tour in Tacoma, Wash., on May 3, 2018 and visit more than 40 cities in the U.S. before wrapping up in Las Vegas on Aug. 4. The stint comes two years after Twain’s Rock This Country Tour, which she previously said was her last tour.

Lucky for fans, Twain has said that her previous tour reinvigorated her fondness for the road.

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