A lot of Maine's wildlife is very illusive. I've seen all sorts of track in the snow this season in my backyard, but it's a rarity that I actually see what makes them. The best I've done is heard a deer or two go jumping off into the woods when I open the door to go to work early in the morning.

Modern-day game and trail cameras can not only automatically capture photos of all the animals that may walk past them in the woods, but they can also high-quality video as well, allowing us to see them in broad daylight when we otherwise would scare them away if we approached them.

Maine Wildlife Trail Videos is a YouTube channel that posts videos each week of wildlife in the woods and trails of the YouTuber's home in Penobscot County, Maine. There are ten trail cameras in total that have captured everything from deer, black bears, coyotes moose and even bobcats. Wildlife frequent the trails and over time, you can see the young grow.

One such young bear was captured on camera last summer on a hot day in June. He was intrigued by a swing that the YouTuber put out to look out over a nearby meadow. Bears are known to be very good climbers, and this young one was bound and determined to get up on that swing. It wasn't easy at first. He took a tumble once, but persistence pays off and he did manage to get up into the swing.

Once he was there though, he really didn't seem to know what he should do next.

This young bear appeared to be soaking wet, likely trying to cool off in some nearby water. The camera was displaying a temperature of 90°. The young bear had returned several times to the swing and has actually gotten the hang of it.

You can see all sorts of animals in the wild, swinging or not, by checking out Maine Wildlife Trail Videos' YouTube channel.

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