In a tribute to the greatest NFL coach an quarterback of all time, an artist from Massachusetts and students and the Brown School in Peabody created a portrait of Patriots coach Bill Belicheck made out of LEGOS that slowly morphs into Tom Brady as you move around it.

Watch the transformation take place in this video posted to Twitter by the Brown School, where it was unveiled at a school assembly.

Creating a portrait out of LEGOS is an amazing talent all on its own. But to be able to completely change based on where you view it from is simply amazing.

It even got the attention of the New England Patriots official Twitter page who retweeted it saying "This is awesome."

When (yes, I said "when") the Patriots make it to Super Bowl LIII, let's hope that this amazing piece of art gets to go to the game too. Just make sure it's behind glass to keep the Rams or Saints fans from throwing things at it.

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