Sally Bibber and her Husband Adam Merrill of South Harpswell were getting a tour of the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood when Jimmy Fallon unexpectedly jumped on their tour bus to say hello.

Jimmy was rehearsing for the Golden Globes, which he hosted on January 8, and took some time to Facebook Live from the backlot. Sally and Adam just happened to be in the right place at the right time as their tour bus caught up with Jimmy and he hopped on to say hello to everyone and even sing happy birthday to a guest.


Sally described what happened.

It was a total surprise. Our guides knew he was around for rehearsal and saw that he was live streaming while we were on the backlot as well. They figured out where he was and made their way over there. Totally unexpected but definitely a great experience.

Jimmy proving once again he's one of the nicest guys in show business.

Here's Jimmy's Facebook Live video so you can see how things unfolded from his perspective.

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