Another holiday and another opportunity for scammers to try and take your money illegally. This time, they're offering you a coupon for Lowe's via Facebook.

If you've been no Facebook lately, then you may have noticed a coupon offering from Lowe's for $50, but it's a scam.

Once you see the post on Facebook, users are encouraged to click on it to claim their prize. It will send you to a survey that looks like it's from the Lowe's website.

If you see this, don't click on it. It is not from Lowe's, but rather from scammers who are out to steal your information.

If you don't see that, then you might see something that looks like a coupon from Lowe's. This is another attempt from scammers to try and get you to click on the fake survey. So if you see this coupon, disregard and move along because it's not legitimate.

Like I always say, "When in doubt, check it out", which doesn't mean from other people. The best thing for you to do is either call, in this case, Lowe's, or simply visit their website and see if the coupon is real.

You really need to be careful before clicking on surveys, coupons and hot offers from any and all companies as these could be a tricky conduit in which glean your private and sensitive information.

So, be careful!