It can’t be that difficult. Snowmobiles go on the snowmobile trail, and vehicles go on the road.

But no, that’s not what has happened a couple of times within a couple of days.

We go to the North Road and the South Road into Baxter State Park.

Twin Pines Snowmobile Club of Millinocket looks after trails and sends a friendly reminder to the general public, knowing it would not have been one of their club members who know better. Must have been a Baxter Park user that doesn’t realize that the north road and the south road into the park have no winter access They off limits to vehicles from mid December until the snow melts.

But within a 3 day period, there were 6 vehicles on the snowmobile trail.

There is the issue of getting stuck In the snow.

Plus the fact that the club has to get the groomers out again.

And yes there are signs set up at the beginning of the snowmobile season. Signs from both the club and from MDOT telling drivers that it is a snowmobile trail in the winter season. “Snowmobiles only” "Stop No Cars"

courtesy Twin Pines Snowmobile Club
courtesy Twin Pines Snowmobile Club

Val from Twin Pines Club says

We don’t want to shame anyone, but this is a huge safety issue to have vehicles on the snowmobile trail. Not to mention the expense to the club when the trails have to be re-groomed.

For the record to Baxter State Park winter users there is no winter access into the park other than by snowmobile, hiking, snowshoeing, sking or biking. Snowmobilers are only permitted on the Park Perimeter Road if you are snowmobiling into Baxter.

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