The city of Presque Isle said they received no prior notification before the Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center “closed indefinitely” on Monday. A sign was placed on the door of the hotel’s entrance.

Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center Closed on Monday

Kimberly R. Smith, Resource Development and Public Information Officer, said the city of Presque Isle was aware of several code violations including the fire suppression system. The State Fire Marshal's Office had noted the violation.

City Inspection of the Structure

An inspection was done in person by the city “because of the City’s concern for the health and safety of the 25 former employees and family members in residence at the Inn,” said Smith, adding that the city “determined that the structure was dangerous due to life safety concerns.” The property lien holder was contacted after the inspection as well as the Presque Isle Housing Authority, the Homeless Shelter of Aroostook, and Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP).

Premises to be Vacated by Friday Afternoon

The building has to be vacated by 3:00 pm on Friday, January 13. Smith said residents have been informed of the deadline. Bothe the Presque Isle Police Department and  Presque Isle Fire and Rescue will assist on site.

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No New Info on Facebook Pages

No new updates or information has been posted to the Presque Inn & Convention Center's Facebook page or homepage as of Wednesday morning, January 11.

The facility houses Gram Russo’s, Time Out Sports Bar and the Olde Gaol Tavern that opened in March of last year. New information was not posted on their Facebook pages.

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