Two people are missing after a car was swept away by flood waters on Route 2 in Mexico, Maine Monday evening.

Four People in Vehicle Swept Away by Flood Waters

The Maine State Police said four people were in the vehicle around 5:00 pm as the driver tried to cross the Red Bridge into Rumford. The driver tried to turn around and the vehicle was swept away on the Swift River.

Two People Rescued and Two People Missing

Three people managed to get out and two of them were rescued. “The third along with the fourth occupant that was still in the vehicle are currently missing,” said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety. The two people rescued were taken to the Rumford Hospital for hypothermia.

Officials Searching for Missing People

“The Maine Warden Service and the Maine State Police are currently assisting the Mexico Police Department with the search and investigation into the incident,” said Moss.

Statement from the Maine Department of Public Safety

The Maine Department of Public Safety said: “The public is asked to respect road closures and to avoid entering into flooded roadways.  Mexico and the surrounding area has multiple road closures with some residential areas being closed off completely.  Boats are being utilized to aid residents who are trapped and in need of assistance.  A shelter has been set up at the Mountain Valley High School at 799 Hancock Street in Rumford.  The Veterans Bridge from RT 2 to 108 is currently still open as well as the Memorial Bridge on RT 108 to RT 2.”

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