If exaggeration was a place you could live, it'd be Maine.

We come from the land of fishing stories. We've all grown up hearing tall tales from our grandparents, parents, siblings, you name it. Even our beloved Paul Bunyan. Was he real? Maybe. Although, I've never heard of anyone else who was 47 axe handles tall. But even with all our folklore, Maine's real stories can be just as bizarre.

Just look at the way Maine became a state via the Missouri Compromise. In short, the compromise was that Maine was a free state and Missouri was a slave state. Apparently to keep things "even". Wtf?! Imagine if that compromise was never reached? It's beyond bad enough to be allowing any slave state. But we might also still somehow be part of Massachusetts. Ick.

Maine's a strange place with all it's own quirks.

We have a desert. Or at least a bizarre anomaly that creates the atmosphere of a desert even though it technically isn't one. We also have a fjord. So we have Africa and Norway in one place. Oh yeah, plus all towns named after countries. But I bet that happens everywhere.

Maine is the closest state to Africa. Weird. And all sorts of other things that will blow the mind. I got into this thread on Reddit, and I marveled at how many cool and odd things were discussed. Not to mention a treasure trove of hilarious comments. So feel free to get into these and enjoy them. Sidenote: I Googled a lot of these and they were spot on.

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