Here is the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, which has its headquarters in Houlton:

Maine State Police

August 23 – Trooper Hafford assisted Presque Isle PD as an ERT to process a vehicle that had been stolen in Washburn and then driven into a convenience store in Presque Isle where liquor and cigarettes were stolen. Tr. Levesque was assigned to complaint where a woman was reporting to have been sexually assaulted by her brother over thirty years ago. The woman had been having problems with it as of late due to her leaving her husband. Tr. Levesque met with and interviewed the woman about two separate incidents that occurred when she was in her 20’s. Tr. Levesque wrote up the interview and submitted to the Presque Isle D.A. for their review. The D.A. advised Tr. Levesque that the statute of limitations had expired in this case.

August 24 – Tr. Darcy charged a Stacyville man with Felony Operating under the Influence and Operating after Suspension in reference to a crash that occurred in Sherman on 7/25.

August 24 – Tr. Darcy identified the unknown male who shoplifted medicine from Jerry’s Thriftway on August 21. Tr. Endre summoned the man for theft later that evening when he returned to his home in Oakfield.

August 24 – Tr. Hafford responded to a residence in St. John for what was reported as being a kidnapping/criminal restraint complaint. A 36-year-old female reported that her 60-year-old mother was being held against her will by a 56-year-old male in St. John. The two females are Canadian citizens. Tr. Hafford went to the St. John residence and found that the female was there willingly and no crime had occurred.

Tr. Lilley, Tr. Sucy, and Tr. Quint all were assigned to various complaints this week that all involved a male that has been behaving erratically in the past few weeks. Troopers had dealt with him after he failed to return a vehicle to a dealership after a test drive, that vehicle was recovered. A few days after that incident, the male had gone to a residence to visit and when he left, he took the homeowners car, leaving a car he had borrowed from someone else. The male later returned to the house with the stolen car where Tr. Lilley was waiting for him and arrested him for theft of a motor vehicle.

August 24 – A 47-year-old Washburn man passed Tr. Michaud in his unmarked cruiser. Tr. Michaud pulled over the SUV and ultimately arrested the operator on several outstanding warrants. He was also ticketed for his speed, inspection, and not having insurance.

August 25 – Tr. Luce was called to St. Francis for a male that was screaming and yelling inside his apartment. Tr. Luce responded and located the male who refused to come to the door. Tr. Luce made contact with the male’s sister, who is also his power of attorney and got him to open the door. Tr. Luce transported the male to NMMC for a voluntary evaluation.

August 25 – Tr. Lilley and Tr. Sucy responded to Island Falls for a domestic dispute. The man was calling about the mother of a 2-year-old who wanted to leave the property with her son. The male wouldn’t let her because she was intoxicated or high on drugs. The woman agreed to leave and stay with her other family member’s for the night. The woman was not intoxicated or high. No violations.

August 26 – Tr. Marquis struck a deer with his cruiser on Route 11 in T8-R5. The cruiser suffered significant damage and was towed from the scene. Tr. Marquis had chest pain from the seat belt and was evaluated and later cleared by Houlton Regional Hospital.

August 27 – Tr. Quint, Tr. Sucy, and Tr. Lilley all responded to Houlton to assist with a reported plane crash somewhere near the Houlton Regional Airport. The Aircraft Search and Rescue plan was implemented and after a few hours, the plane was located by searchers where it had crashed in a man-made pond not far from the end of the runway. Houlton PD is primary on the crash investigation. More details here.

August 28 – Tr. Lilley responded to a camp in Oakfield for an unattended death of a 68-year-old male. The male was found by his sister nothing suspicious noted and appears to be medical in nature.

August 28 – Tr. Michaud pulled over a vehicle on Route 161 in Woodland for traveling 84 in a 50. The female operator was ticketed for her speed and also operating after suspension (infraction).

August 29 – Tr. Darcy, Tr. Michaud, and Sgt. Fuller responded to Crystalfor a report of a suicidal male walking down the road with a loaded firearm in his hand. The man was located and detained without incident at his residence. As a result of the investigation, it was determined the man had not committed a crime and was not a danger to himself or anyone else. The man had a plan to be alone in the woods to think and calm down after a rough week with family and employment issues.

Maine State Police

August 29 – Tr. Bell responded to a single vehicle crash in Orient where a male driver leaned over to get in a “selfie” a passenger was taking and swerved off the road, running into a tree. There were 7 people in the car and several were not wearing seat belts and sustained injuries. Two females were occupying the front passenger seat and not wearing seat belts. One female had neck and possible back injuries, and the other had a fractured nose and laceration above her eye. The operator was summonsed for failure to maintain control of a vehicle. More details and photo here. This is the third distracted driving incident that Tr. Bell has responded to in recent days, with another resulting in a male driving into a tree after reaching for a piece of food.

August 29 – Troopers Casavant and Endre were called to Masardis for a 41-year-old woman who was mentally unstable and suicidal. The female was taken into protective custody and in the process kicked Tr. Endre’s windshield and broke it. The female now has several charges pending and is being held at TAMC until a bed becomes available at a mental health facility.

August 30 – Tr. Michaud arrested a 48-year-old New Canada man for OUI on Route 11 in Winterville. Several motorists had called in complaints on the vehicle’s poor operation. The subject’s test was nearly 3 times the legal limit at 1430 hrs.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.