Currently out on her Every Girl on Tour run, Trisha Yearwood is getting to play some historic venues, including the legendary Chicago Theatre on Thursday (Nov. 7).

“These halls are built for sound,” Yearwood tells Taste of Country in a recent interview about some of the iconic locations she is getting to play during her tour. “Heck, you probably don’t even need a microphone in some of these places. It’s pure joy.”

Within the walls of these venues, Yearwood’s voice soars — and according to her, she's at her peak, vocally.

“When we were making this new album, I was really impressed with my voice,” she says, laughing at the honest nature of her statement. “I mean, it sounds really good. There is a certain maturity that you can hear in it and at this point, I can really trust it, you know? I’m going with it."

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Indeed, the three-time Grammy-winning country superstar seems, from every angle, to be in a sweet spot in her career, though the realization takes her by surprise.

“I still can remember being a 5-year-old that just wanted to be a singer" Yearwood recalls. “I mean, when you are young, you are just so confident. Doubt hasn’t crept in yet. But then you have nights when you walk out on stage years later and it hits you that you get to do this for a living.”

Coincidentally, it’s something that she and husband Garth Brooks talk about all the time.

“Garth (Brooks) always brings up the fact that the rate of failure for artists that come to Nashville is something like 90 percent,” she says. “That’s something I try to always remember. I just really believe I was always meant to be a singer. It wasn’t a choice.”

Yearwood is currently out with a new single, "Every Girl in This Town."

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