Three men died in a structure fire in Bangor early Sunday morning in a vacant duplex on Union Street.

The fire was reported around 4:43 a.m. to the Bangor Communications Center, said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

The victims are 28-year-old Tim Tuttle, 31-year-old Dylan Smith and 56-year-old Andrew Allen. Moss said all three men were homeless. Their remains were taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office. Autopsies will be done Monday.

The Bangor Fire department rescued a person from the fire at the duplex at 194 and 196 Union Street. One other person was also able to escape the blaze. A person passing by was able to help that individual, said Moss. One of the people rescued was taken to the hospital.

The building has been vacant for over a year. The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the scene. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Multiple agencies are involved in the investigation including The Bangor Fire Department and the Bangor Police Department. Moss said the examination of evidence will continue on Monday as well.

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