The New Brunswick RCMP checked over 8000 vehicles at over 100 checkstops on National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day, May 20th.


Charges are pending against 14 motorists and roadside suspensions were given to 23 drivers. Last year, 900 drivers were charged.

People are regularly killed and seriously injured by impaired drivers. In fact, impaired driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in Canada," says Sgt. Chantal Farrah of the New Brunswick RCMP. "The message seems simple but some are still not getting it. If you're drinking and/or taking drugs that impair you, do not drive. Have an alternative plan to get home prior to becoming impaired."

Call 911 if you think someone is driving impaired. The RCMP ask you to get a description of the vehicle and a plate number if possible. This will help them get them locate the vehicle and get them off the road.

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