Okay, you are driving either into work or home from your job and your commute includes dealing with one or both rotaries in Augusta. I am guessing the drive might have include a horn honking or a hand gesture. 


According to a recent study from Insure.com, we've got it pretty good in Maine. Their survey of 2,000 drivers nationwide shows that Mainers are among the most polite drivers.

Here's a list of the Top 5 states of most polite drivers:

1. North Dakota
2. Maine
3. New Hampshire
4. Montana
5. Minnesota

The Top 5 states of rudest drivers:

1. Idaho (really?)
2. Washington D.C. (I know it's not a state)
3. New York
4. Wyoming (again, really?)
5. Massachusetts

Other New England states ranked this way:

Vermont (6th ...wow)
Connecticut 13th
Rhode Island 14th

Tell us which cities or towns in Maine have the rudest drivers.

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