Aroostook County is one of the premier places in the Maine to go snowmobiling.

Aroostook County is the Best Place to Snowmobile

Several national publications rank it as the best anywhere - with the abundance of snow, the amount of trails and the scenic views.

Power Sports Guide ranks the County as the number one place to snowmobile. So does the popular website Snowmobile How. And SnowGoer has been talking about it for years. They say when it comes right down to it, nothing compares to Aroostook County.

Miles of Trails and Tons of Snow

There are over 2,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in the County. Northern Maine averages about 7.8 feet of snowfall a year (94 inches).

Aroostook County Trail Map & Maine Map

Check out the map of snowmobile trails in Aroostook County - and while you’re at it, look at all the trails across the great state of Maine.


 Places to Stay, Eat, Get Gas and More

Many restaurants, motels, inns, bed and breakfast spots are built to appeal to snowmobiling. If you're looking for a place to stay, eat, refuel and find entertainment, you’ll find it the website Visit Maine.

Current Trail Conditions

A great resource for current trail conditions is updated every week on the Caribou Parks and Recreation site.

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Groomers Get It Done

A big shout out to all the clubs and groomers who put in endless hours to make sure the trails are in top shape.

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