Rene makes it Rain

Throughout northern Maine and a large part of the State, if you say the name Rene most people will automatically think of longtime sports director at WAGM-TV, Rene Cloukey. He has been in every community for many years highlighting our local youth and other sports accomplishments. However, some of his most impactful work has come on the golf course, with the Cloukey Challenge.

Rene at the 2022 Cloukey Challenge via Rene Cloukey Facebook page
Rene at the 2022 Cloukey Challenge via Rene Cloukey Facebook page

Banner year for the challenge in 2022

The 2022 Cloukey Challenge was recently held, raising money for the Special Olympics of Aroostook. This was the 33rd year of the Cloukey Challenge that was built from the ground-up by Rene. A total of $8,003 was raised during the 2022 tournament which has already gone to the local charity. It is very clear that the Special Olympics are cause that Rene has fully backed, and the impact he has made goes beyond the dollars raised.

Accumulating total from the years 

Raising $8,000 in the current financial climate is amazing, but the accrued total dollars raised over the years from the Cloukey Challenge is even more impressive. Rene recently announced on his Facebook page that since 2008 the Cloukey Challenge has raised just over $62,000. What else can you say other than, thank you. Rene asks each year if folks are up for the challenge, and it seems that he has met the challenge and then some.

Are you ready to be challenged? 

Have you been to a Special Olympics? The days the Olympics are held are special because the athletes are usually all smiles and they are filled with joy when they receive a medal or ribbon for their competition. Be sure to follow Rene's Facebook page so that you can be ready to step up to the challenge in 2023. Rene, your impact will be living on for generations through the Olympians you have helped in Aroostook County.  

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